The Phoenix Landing, Thursday night Drum n Bass, and Wine
by eddie
and pavel
a quality can wait production

july 2005 -- very short (27 min) mix where I aim for fast track velocity; a couple of good transition ideas, some rough, some right; good tracks

breaks get deep (june 2005) -- lead off with some more funky stuff, and then some fun vocal over beats

dance hall soul (may 2005) -- wanted to find a home for the mellow Klute track, wasn't happy with Rough (see below)

Rough (may 2005) -- trying to get back in the game after having a kid!

late december mix (2004) -- this is Pavel's favorite, leads off with Barcelona and stays nostalgic the whole way through; second mix I gave to Lenore

*mix i did for L. and L. (note: these mixes are NOT by Lenore or Landspeed! silly person :P) -- first mix that was solid from start to finish, first one I gave to Lenore