The Phoenix Landing, Thursday night Drum n Bass, and Wine
by eddie
and pavel
a quality can wait production
Spring 2003 (index)
12 June 2003 *MDOC (C4M, elements, US), Stakka (Underfire, UK) thoughts of eddie
I am writing this review with many weeks gone by since I saw the show. So I will be brief.

This show came before we added wine tasting to the menu, as it were. MDOC opened up in a pretty standard way. As this was the first Drum n Bass I had seen in quite a long time, I remember thinking that it was a little slow -- it looked like MDOC was holding back, laying low, playing... not downtempo for sure, but not pushing it hard either. Almost as though he didn't want to steal the thunder from the evening's guest star from the UK.

And again, this was a long time ago, before I got comfy with the creatures in the audience, and my own wildly inept body. But Stakka did lay down some amazing tracks on us that night, and I vividly remember that part of the thrill was hearing tracks I had absolutely no recognition of, that were full of 150BPM+ heart-pounding rhythms.

And an additional note: earplugs. Bring them. I almost went friggin' deaf.